32 Via dei birrai meets Maestro Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli e 32 Via dei birrai

Loreno Michielin, the brewery’s co-founder, meets the famous Italian singer

We had the pleasure and good fortune to meet Maestro Andrea Bocelli, a great artist and a great man, and someone who certainly needs no introduction as he is world-famous.

During a very pleasant evening, Loreno Michielin sat at the same table as Andrea Bocelli, his family (his wife Veronica and sons Amos and Matteo) and Davide Cervellin, chairman of the Lucia Guderzo Foundation, who was instrumental in introducing the two men.

The tone of the evening was informal and friendly, and they discussed several issues, including 32 Via dei birrai’s support of the Foundation chaired by Cervellin which works tirelessly to promote inclusion of people with visual impairments.

Andrea Bocelli expressed his appreciation of 32 Via dei birrai’s support in funding educational projects for blind and partially-sighted children. Since January 2017, the company has donated 3 cents to the Foundation for every bottle of beer produced.

In a couple of days’ time, during the Winter School attended by children who take part in the Foundation’s projects, the company will present the amount it has collected over the past 12 months. And given the outstanding results this year, 32 Via dei birrai will continue to lend its support to the Foundation again next year.