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Discover all 32 Via dei Birrai fine points

History of a passion: a photo-story approaching the core values and the remarkable events in the history of 32, one of the finest microbreweries around the globe.

Lovers, Brewmaster & Gourmet

Explore the world of 32 Via dei Birrai and become a true craft beer master. Put yourself to the test, answering to the quizzes.

You will get 5 points for each quiz.

Where do you drink your 32?

Do you enjoy travelling provided that you can have a 32? Scan the QR code on the bottles and tell your friends where you are. Pin down on the map of the places where you have enjoyed a 32!

Complete this part and you will get 5 points.

Best Beer Friends Ever

Share with your friends the photos of special moments spent in the company of 32.

Complete this part and you will get 5 points.

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