About us




32 Via dei Birrai is the first Italian craft microbrewery to have been granted the quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 DNV and the certificate CI, guaranteeing a 100% Made in Italy product.

For 32, passion means a meticulous selection of raw materials and judicious procedures that pay tribute to the very word brewery and the art of brewing.

32 Via dei Birrai represents a new language in the boundless scenario of the brewery sector. It resets and redefines the usual. It takes the habitual concept of “beer” into another dimension. It becomes design in the form of a bottle.


Nature, Man and Progress: an eco-sustainable path

32 has always expressed itself through precise values: quality, continuity, originality, creativeness, research. Always from an environmentally-sustainable point of view.

Maximum attention to the environment is best expressed in the production process as a whole, through the use of certified power from a hydroelectric source and the use of spent grains as nourishment for selected stock rearing.

sostenibilità ambientale

Our beers

Our beers are produced in limited quantities. What’s more there is a lot of manual work involved (all the bottles are handled at least 3 times). Nor should the high professional creativity in formulating the recipes be forgotten. And with regard to that, the attentive consumer manages to detect the difference, for example, between lots of the same type: “32” beer is never standardised.

The “32” beers are:

  • not pasteurised, in other words not heat treated during conditioning
  • refermented in the bottle, which is what produces the typical yeast sediment on the bottom, the intense aroma and the delicate carbonation
  • unfiltered and top-fermented (at a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees)

All the “32” beers boast a strong identity – they are persistent and so consumers cannot get them out of their head.