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Quality first

32 has always expressed itself through precise values: quality, continuity, originality, creativeness, research.

32 Via dei Birrai represents the perfect equation between taste and design, between research and method without ever straying into industrial standardisation.

This is shown by the certificates awarded the brewery, which guarantee the quality parameters.

Slow Brewing

32 is the first craft brewery in Italy to obtain the Slow Brewing certificate, thanks to the use of quality raw materials and very rigorous microbiological parameters.

Sensitive crystallization

Sensitive crystallization is an innovative technique for assessing the quality of foods based on the analysis of specific crystalline formations organised in reproducible, typical spatial patterns for each species of organic extract. The image of the crystallization can therefore tell us a great deal about the vitality of the organic substances in that product and consequently about its quality.

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Houblon Belge

32 Via dei Birrai is proud to announce the achievement of the Houblon Belge distinction due to the Belgian Hop used during the production. 
It is the very first time that a not Belgian beer receives this important recognition.

OGM Free

GMO FREE certification guarantees the total absence of contamination by GMO.
32 hops from Belgium is certified GMO FREE, free of heavy metals and more dangerous pesticides.


32 Via dei birrai becomes the first Italian micro brewery to be certified vegan. All 32 products,
with the exception of Nectar, which is only produced in certain years using honey, are guaranteed for vegan consumption.



The DNV certification testifies to the soundness of the process from start to finish, guaranteeing the importance of method developed to allow the traceability of each of the company’s in-house 
and outside operations.

100% Made in Italy 

This certificate certifies that the entire production is fully made in Italy to guarantee superior and controlled quality. Every 32 project is born in Italy 
with top-quality, top-grade raw materials in the artisan spirit that makes our country famous.

Energia green 100%

100% Gree energy

For our production plant, we use certified energy coming from 100% renewable resources.