32 Via dei birrai continues its support for the Lucia Guderzo Foundation

32 Via dei birrai continues its support for the Lucia Guderzo Foundation

A grand total of € 11,295 is presented to the Foundation for the school for blind children

Last Saturday, 3 February, the Lucia Guderzo Foundation invited Loreno Michielin to visit the blind children as they took part in educational activities at the hotel Il Falchetto in Sarnonico (Trento), where the Winter School is usually held.

Loreno, who was accompanied by members of the Foundation, watched the children hard at work at their activities and also took part in a ceremony where he was presented with a gift. It was a picture of a bottle with the logos of 32 Via dei birrai and the Foundation, which had been made entirely by the children using a variety of materials.

During his visit to the Winter School, Loreno presented the money the company had collected in 2017 to Davide Cervellin, chairman of the Lucia Guderzo Foundation: “By donating 3 cents for every bottle we sold over the year – said Loreno Michielin – we achieved the remarkable figure of € 11,295.18. But no amount of money could repay the energy and enthusiasm of the children.”

Winter School 2018

The deputy chairman of the Foundation, Lorenzo Martini, added: “Our thanks go to 32, without whom we wouldn’t be able to organise these activities for our children”, explaining how important donations from private individuals and businesses are to develop projects to promote integration.

And there is more good news: 32 Via dei birrai has decided to continue its work with the Foundation, confirming that it will continue to lend its support to the school for blind children for the whole of 2018.