The first beer bottle that speaks to the sightless

The first beer bottle that speaks to the sightless

32 via dei Birrai renews its bottle with Verallia, the world’s third largest manufacturer of glass jars and bottles for Food & Beverage, and it does so by dedicating a special thought to its sightless consumers: actually, the writing “Birra 32” will be printed directly on the glass bottle in the Braille alphabet, thus making it immediately accessible and recognizable to everyone by just touching it.

In Italy, there are 72,841 sightless and 56 379 partially-sighted people for a total of 0.22% of the population. A percentage which, although reduced, shows a large number of individuals with specific needs who, only thanks to understanding and help from everyone, can really integrate themselves into a a word specifically tailored for normally sighted people.

32 Via dei Birrai has always wanted to decontextualise the concept related to “beer” by resetting it to zero as well as redefining it in order to create a new language in the never-ending brewing sector landscape. What has always distinguished itself is the experimentation beyond banality: starting from the choice of a bottle up to graphic design, from the proposal of culinary pairings up to product positioning.

Also in this case, the brewery has wanted to take a step more compared to its custom and has wholeheartedly embraced Loreno Michielin’s project, co-founder and business manager: it has decided to renew the bottles of its 8 beers to the benefit of the sightless who, while holding a  bottle in their hands, still today they are not even able to recognise its content.

“This initiative comes from my own personal experience with one of my dearest friends who is sigthless” says Loreno Michielin. “I have always been struck by the fact that every gesture that I take for granted, like choosing a bottle, may be an almost insurmountable challenge for him. This is my small contribution to help him. “

In order to give the right value to his project, 32 Via dei Birrai has chosen Verallia’s bottles, one of the major players of the hollow glasswares for Food & Beverage, as a guarantee of a fast production, capable and flexible who takes into due account its customer’s needs, but that, at the same time, has been developing a true passion for CSR over the years, the human dimension of business and sustainability. Moreover, Verallia has got an added value: it is one of the main players of  glass recycling in Italy, thanks to its Ecoglass facilities that recycle about 650’000 tons of glass cullet every year.

In line with this availability, Verallia commits itself to steadily increase the percentage of recycled glass in its products, thus resulting in reducing CO2 emissions as well as energy consumption. Today, in fact, it is able to produce the Birra 32 bottle by reaching up to 90% recycled glass, without affecting the beauty of its design, what makes a bottle ethical, solidarity-based, but also beautiful.

“We like challenges, especially when they can be concretised into a beautiful action towards someone in trouble,” says Alessia Cappellin, Verallia Marketing Manager.

“When Loreno told us his project with lots of passion, we also immediately felt as if it were ours and we promptly acted internally to try to insert the writing in the best position in terms of production and ergonomics for the end consumer. The result, I believe, is a success, for everyone.”

32 Via dei birrai beers, in their new look, will be available as of November 7th.