The beer that helps blind children

After presenting the first beer bottle with Braille writing on the glass, 32 Via dei Birrai is now launching its charity project to support the school for blind children set up by the Fondazione Lucia Guderzo Onlus.

32 Via dei Birrai is continuing its charity work with its latest project: the beer bottles with Braille writing printed directly on the glass will provide precious support for the primary school for blind children which the Fondazione Lucia Guderzo Onlus set up in 2016.

Integrating blind or partially-sighted children into schools still presents a huge challenge for the Italian educational system: teachers often do not have the tools or the skills to ensure a happy, trouble-free education for blind children. This is why the Fondazione Lucia Guderzo Onlus, which has always assisted people with disabilities, set up a special school in 2016 which not only provides an education for all blind children, teaching them to read and write in Braille, but, more importantly, shows them how to cope with the challenges of everyday life so they can stand on their own feet and become more independent. The aim of the school is for the children to then continue their studies in state schools, without needing any further support and giving them the chance to enjoy their education in this sector.

“This project has enormous social and cultural significance, as it teaches young blind children to read and write in Braille and use modern IT technologies, putting them on a par with other children during their education”, stated Davide Cervellin, chairman of the Foundation. “Dozens of kids from all over Italy, aged eight to thirteen, attend the Fondazione Lucia Guderzo Onlus school with great enthusiasm, giving their families peace of mind that they are laying the foundations for real social integration.”

32 Via dei Birrai has decided to support the school by donating 3 cents for every bottle of beer sold, becoming its main sponsor: this small contribution will provide a great boost for the school and its young pupils in particular, who, as a result, will have access to a highly efficient structure and the latest up-to-date materials.

“We are delighted to be launching this project to support the Fondazione Lucia Guderzo Onlus: we are extremely proud of the fact that, thanks to our work, we can make a real difference for all the blind children who attend the school” commented Loreno Michielin, Sales Director of 32 Via dei Birrai who came up with the idea and is in charge of the project. “After we created our bottles with the Braille writing, it was natural for us to take it to the next level and do something even more concrete.”